The course is aimed at personnel who may be required to complete work at height operations.

The course covers the theoretical aspects of Working at Height and at the end of the course candidates will complete a written test, to confirm their level of understanding.

This half-day course introduces the principles and equipment involved in work at height systems and the process of a safe and systematic approach to working at height operations.


Hierarchy of Risk –

·         Avoid

·         Prevent

·         Mitigate

 Ladders –

·         Legislation

·         Inspection and Defects

·         Safe Use in the Workplace

·         Storage

 Scaffolds –

·         Assembly, Dismantling

·         Inspection

·         Safe Use

 Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP’s) –

·         Inspection and Maintenance

·         Siting

·         Operator Training

·         Risks

 Personal Fall Protection Systems –

·         Work Restraint

·         Work Positioning

·         Fall Arrest

 Fall Arrest –

·         Clearance Distances

·         Fall Factors

·         Techniques and Protection

 Personal Fall Protection Equipment  – 

·         Harnesses

·         Connectors

·         Energy Absorbers and Lanyards

·         Static/Mobile Fall Arrest Devices

 Equipment Inspection –

·         Inspection Regimes

·         Equipment Management

·         Pre-Use Checks

·         Defects & Damage

 Organisation and Planning –

·         The Risk Assessment Process

·         Typical WAH Risks

·         Dropped Objects

 Rescue and Emergency Planning –

·         Pre-Job Planning

·         Suspension Trauma


Course Duration / Other Info

Written Examination (multiple choice).

Qualifications / Certification

The Candidate must:

·         attend the entire course

·         adhere to course content and demonstrate the required practical application techniques


Certificates awarded after successful completion of the course will be valid for a three year period after which re-certification must take place.