The selected Training Provider will be looking to offer checks/assessments on :-

• Basic monitoring (height, weight, BMI, blood pressure)
• Respiratory
• Musculoskeletal
• Sight


Looking into Occupational Health Screening this is what has been found:  

Occupational health measures the effects of work on an employee’s health and can go more in depth measuring parameters of an individual’s overall health and ability to undertake a specific job role. Its purpose is to ensure that the proposed work does not in any way damage or compromise any individuals health.   

Construction sites are a tough environment to work in.  Due to the nature of the work activities completed this puts Construction workers at greater need of occupational health monitoring. Construction workers have one of the highest rates of work related ill health in the UK and are at risk of exposure to a number health hazards.  

Some of the biggest health risks in construction include exposure to noise, vibration, substances hazardous to health (such as asbestos, silica, paints, diesel engine exhaust, solvents) and physical manual handling. The health effects of such exposures include the development of noise induced hearing loss, hand arm vibration syndrome, various cancers, lung disease, dermatitis and musculoskeletal injury – including back and upper limb disorders.

Course Duration / Other Info

In order to confirm number of dates we run this event we will need confirmation of numbers.  Please can each Member who is interested back to me asap with Numbers of Delegates (see attached form). Please note that each delegate check/slot should take approx. 30mins. If we get the numbers we may run it once a week for several weeks, depending on demand and funding.

Qualifications / Certification