COSHH Assessor



To provide delegates with an understanding of handling of substances hazardous to health and of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. To help delegates understand how substances to health cause harm in order to help them identify suitable controls and manage activities involving these materials safely. To provide delegates with the skills and practical experience to conduct effective COSHH Assessments. For Managers, supervisors and personnel involved in activities using or processing substances hazardous to health. Personnel responsible for conducting or participating in COSHH assessments. The aim of this course is to provide understanding and awareness of the hazards posed by substances hazardous to health and how to manage and mitigate their effects by effective assessment and control methods.


How substances hazardous to health cause harm

Definition of the classification

Finding out about the properties of substances hazardous to health

Definition of terms used to describe the hazards

Risk phrases and their use

Routes into the body


The principles of COSHH assessment

Pitching the assessment at a suitable and sufficient level

COSHH essentials – the HSE system

Control strategies

An example COSHH assessment

Monitoring and surveillance

Demonstration and practice

Course Duration / Other Info

1 Day.

Qualifications / Certification

The Candidate must: 

attend the entire course 

adhere to course content and demonstrate practical skills as outlined in the course notes.

Certificates awarded after successful completion of the course will be valid for a three year period after which re-certification must take place.